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Commitments from a renowned business for exceptional Foies Gras:

Artzner Foies Gras are produced by its in-house Chefs according to a unique recipe that goes back to 1803 and according to voluntarily maintained artisanal methods.
From the selection of the raw material to the care given to each stage of preparation, which has voluntarily been maintained as artisanal, the most important is the passion for perfection:
  • A rigorous selection of the raw Foies: as the upstream parts of production have not been incorporated into the preparation process, Edouard Artzner can demand the highest quality from each of its abattoir suppliers. The breeders and abattoirs are subject to our own set of precise technical requirements.
  • Sorting by hand: the raw foies are one by one carefully manually sorted by our own Chefs.
  • Cold vein removal: this artisanal process, which is exclusive to the House of Artzner, allows all of the veins to be removed: the main central vein, as well as the small secondary veins. The Foie Gras that is obtained is of an exceptional quality and is free of any imperfections.
  • Seasoning: seasoned with a subtle blend of 15 or so herbs and spices, the Foies Gras develop a bouquet of fine and light aromas, which gives them a unique and inimitable flavor.
  • Gentle cooking: the Foies Gras in cloth and the vacuum loaves are cooked at low temperatures, an Artzner exclusive which gives the products exceptional smoothness.

Our foies gras and other specialties comply with standards and the current legislation in France and in the European Union.
We evaluate and take into account our customers’ comments thanks to market research and regular satisfaction questionnaires which allow us to continually improve and to meet your expectations.