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Pate Maréchal des Contades 1kg

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21 days at a temperature of 0°C to + 4°C

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Goose foie gras 42%, WHEAT, BUTTER, jelly (water, gelatin, Gewurztraminer, salt, flavors, (LACTOSE), Cognac, caramel, spices), water, pork fat, truffles (Melanos.) 5%, Riesling , parsley, shallot, salt, sugar, spices, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite

Nutritional values

Energy 1689kJ / 409kcal, Fat 31g including saturated fatty acids 14g, Carbohydrates 26g including sugars 1.5g, Protein 7.2g, Salt 1.6g




Succumb to the pleasure of tasting the famous Pâté Maréchal des Contades!

Originally from Alsace (Strasbourg), this is an artisanal recipe created in 1780 by Jean Pierre Clause and perpetuated from generation to generation by the chefs of the Edouard Artzner House.

An ancestral recipe comprising whole Goose Foie Gras, pieces of black Périgord truffles, all seasoned with a secret mixture of spices. This preparation is then gently cooked in a homemade pastry to reveal all the flavours.

The result is an incomparable gastronomic work, reserved for the most demanding lovers of fine food.

Curious to know more? Here is a video presentation of the Pâté Maréchal des Contades, hand-made and baked in a cylindrical mould. This model with its typical decoration was designed by hand. It does not exist anymore. Our Chefs take care of the last examples in our possession.

A little history ... back to the creation of the Pâté Maréchal des Contades

In 1780, Jean-Pierre Clause was the cook of the Marquis de Contades, Marshal of France and Governor of Alsace. One day the Marshal, who liked to entertain friends, called Clause and told him: "Tomorrow I am expecting distinguished guests, I don't want to see rabbit with noodles and the usual Alsatian knefs on my table, I want French cuisine".

After a sleepless night, Jean Pierre Clause perfected the recipe for the famous "Pâté à la Contades": whole Goose Foies Gras cooked gently in a home-made pastry in the shape of a round box covered with a lid of the same crust.

Later, Doyen added the supreme note: black Périgord truffles for a perfect match.

How to eat the Pâté Maréchal des Contades?

There are 2 ways to serve it:

- By cutting it up like a pie, with a knife, by making individual portions

- According to the "Alsatian" service: by removing the crust with a soup spoon dipped in hot water and then forming quenelles of Foie Gras to put on a plate

Discover our other exceptional Foies Gras, the jewel of Alsatian gastronomy.


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