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Alliance of Foie Gras and marinated tuna with cucumber jelly


Alliance of Foie Gras and marinated tuna with cucumber jelly


1. Tuna

400 g tuna

200 g coarse salt

200 g sugar

1 orange

2. Cucumber jelly

2.5 dl cucumber juice

25 g sake

5 g salt

11 leaves of gelatin

3. Foie gras

100 g deveined foie gras

salt, pepper, white port wine


-Cut the tuna into a rectangle and marinate it during 12 hours in the mix of salt, sugar and grated orange. Rinse the tuna, mop it up and keep it refrigerated.

-Filter the cucumber juice. Collect some juice, heat it by incorporating the gelatin.

-Mix with remaining juice and then add the sake and adjust seasoning.

-Pour the mixture on a baking sheet and let it cool.

-Cut strips to the desired size.

-Mix the foie gras with the seasoning and marinate it during 24 hours.

-Put it in a terrine and cook it  at 90 ° C for 1 h 30; cool it and keep it refrigerated.

-Garnish the different elements in layers and decorate at your convenience.