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Pepper Smoked Duck Breast, marinated on a slice of bread


Pepper Smoked Duck Breast, marinated on a slice of bread

Preparation time: 20 min

Level of difficulty :*

Ingredients for 4 people :

  • Wholegrain bread baguette
  • 4 Scallops
  • 2 sliced pepper-smoked duck breasts
  • Shiso*
  • Vinaigrette: olive oil, cider vinegar
  • 200g sweet potato
  • Salt
  • Pepper


-Marinate the scallops in a few drops of oil and vinegar approximately 1 hour before starting to prepare the dish.

-Boil the sweet potato until cooked

-Drain and blend

-Dress with the vinaigrette 

-Boil the carrots until cooked, drain, blend and season.

-Toast the bread and spread the carrot puree on it.

-Slice the scallops into escalopes.

-Place the marinated scallops and the duck breast slices alternately on the bread.

-Garnish with shiso.

-Serve the sweet potato puree around the bread slice or in a small glass pot on the side.


*: Frequently used in Asian cuisine, shiso is an aromatic plant with aniseed and cinnamon fragrances, used in this recipe as shoots.