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Foie Gras

Each Foie Gras comes from an artisanal preparation: the raw foie gras are rigorously selected and individually hand-sorted by our chefs. We carry out the de-fleshing using the cold method, an artisanal process that makes it possible to remove all blemishes. Each liver pâté is then seasoned by hand with a blend of 13 spices that has been kept secret since our house was founded in 1803.

Fresh Foie Gras

The fresh Foie Gras is cooked gently at low temperature. It can be presented in a terrine, torchon or in the form of a roll. A jewel of gastronomy, it will delight the finest gourmets and make your starters an exceptional moment!

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Accompaniment Foie Gras

Edouard Artzner offers you a whole range of flavours: jelly, compote, spicy salt, etc. will personalise your Foie Gras, duck breast or cooked dishes with gourmet touches.

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Preserved Foie Gras

Preserved Foie Gras is cooked through a temperature of 110°C and is available in a jar or tin. It can be kept at room temperature for several years, and its consistency changes over time: the liver pâté absorbs its own fat, giving it an even creamier consistency over time !

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Semi-Preserved Foie Gras

Semi-preserved liver pâté is cooked at a higher temperature than fresh liver pâté, which gives it a firmer consistency. It is cooked through at 80°C and is available in a jar or in a tray.

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