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Foie gras

Fresh Foie Gras

Fresh Foies Gras are the great heirs of Alsatian culinary tradition. As restaurateurs did in the 19th century, the cooking of these fresh Foies Gras rises to a temperature of 65°C to 75°C maximum. Cooked in the steam oven, they retain all the qualities of fresh liver and can be kept for a short time, 30 days maximum after cooking, and always refrigerated.

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Accompaniment Foie Gras

Edouard Artzner offers you a complete scented "taste" range: jelly, compotes, spiced salt, etc. will personalize your Foies Gras, breasts or prepared dishes thru their gourmet touches.

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Preserved Foie Gras

In a jar or a can, it is cooked at 110°C all the way thru. It can be kept for several years at room temperature, all the more so as its texture develops over time: the foie gras absorbs its own fat, thereby gaining in smoothness as it ages !

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Semi-Preserved Foie Gras

Semi-cooked Foie Gras is cooked at a higher temperature than fresh Foie Gras, which gives it a firmer texture. Presented in a jar or a container, it is cooked at 80°C all the way through

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