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Terrine of duck Foie Gras, fig chutney with banyuls, onion chutney with cider vinegar


Terrine of duck Foie Gras, fig chutney with banyuls, onion chutney with cider vinegar

Preparation time: 45 min 

Level of difficulty :**

Ingredients for 4 persons:

  • 2 lobes of Duck liver deveined (approx. 1 to 1.1 kg)
  • 14g of salt (3 levels teaspoonful)
  • 4g of white pepper (1 level teaspoonful)
  • 1g of sugar (1/3 level teaspoonful)
  • 2g of spices for Gingerbread
  • Onion chutney: 1 yellow onion – 10g of butter – 1dl of concentrated poultry stock – 20g of sugar – 20 cl of cider vinegar – ½ lime – ½ level teaspoonful of white pepper
  • Crunchy cereal bread: ¼ cereal bread – 20g of clarify butter
  • Whole figs: 4 purple figs – 25cl of Banyuls – 10g of curry – 10g of cinammon.
  • Fresh figs compote: 2 figs – 1 green onion
  • Fig chutney with red onion:  2 purple figs – 1 snipped red onion – 15g of butter – 1cl of Banyuls vinegar
  • Finishing: 10g of chickweed salad


Making the Terrine:

-Prepare livers, season them and put them in a terrine, covered with aliminium paper. Prepare a bain marie (80°C approx.) and put the terrine inside. Put it in the oven at 90°C to reach a core temperature of 60°C. Remove from the bain marie and let it cool down at ambiant temperature during 15 minutes. Then, put the terrine into a cold bain marie. Lightly press the terrine under a 1kg board, in order to extract all the fat. Place it at cold temperature during 12h. Remove the pressing board and put the terrine in the frigde during 48 hours before serving.  

Making the fig compote:

-Cook the whole figs in the oven at 90°C during 15 minutes, sprinkled with a mix of Banyuls, curry and cinammon (beforehand brought to a boil). Make the chutney and the fig compote. Prépare the onion chutney.

Making the crunchy cereal bread: 

-Cut bread into little round slices. Put them on a non-adhesive plaque and brush them with clarify butter. Cover with an other plaque et put it in the oven at 40°C during 10 minutes. Cut the figs in half and garnish with chutney. Garnish the cruncky slices of bread. Put the figs and the cruncky bread on the plate, decorate with the fig juice and the chutney. Cut 4 slices of Foie Gras, and top it with the cooking juice of the figs. Place it on the plate and garnish with little bunchs of chickweed













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