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Lingot Foie Gras de Canard entier
350g raw duck liver without nerves
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1kg-1,2kg doe back with bones
300g pumpkin
300g turnip
300g cellerie
1L unskimmed milk
1 boot sage
100g shallot
10cl Xeres vinegar
60g of butter
Salt and pepper
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For the doe back with a heart of foie gras

Remove the bones and dress tje doe back and cut into portions of approximately 150g. Slice the foie gras into 4 big sticks, flavor. Make an incision in all the length of the doe's back, place the foie gras in there, close and tie up.

For the garnish sauce

Crush and color bones and fineries in butter, add the thinly sliced shallots, mix another 5 minutes, then deglaze with the Xeres vinegar. Keep reducing the sauce until almost all the vinegar is evaporated, and then add some water. Cook the sauce 3/4 hour, pass and reduce it until a more or less thick consistency.

For the garnish vegetables

Cut into round sliced the 3 varieties of old vegetables, cook them separately in milk infused with sage and flavor. Cool them in the cooked milk.

For the cooking of the doe's back

Color the back in frothy butter. Then put them in the oven during 6 minutes at 180°C and 6 minutes outside the oven, covered.

For the preparation of the plates

Add two soupsoons of the infused milk into the sauce and let the whole come to boil. Warm the vegetables in the cooked milk. Drain them and arrange them like a flower in the middle of the plate.


Warm the doe back during 3 minutes in the hot oven. Cut each pieces in two, in order to give them a thick slice shape. Arrange them in the center of the flower of vegetables. And add some sauce between the vegetables and the meat. To be eaten very hot.