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Torchon Foie Gras de Canard entier
250g of Duck liver
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Torchon Foie Gras d'Oie entier
250g of Goose liver
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7.5g salt
Pepper in mill
1 teaspoon with sugar
1.5cl of Porto and 1.5cl of Cognac
140g of mango Smoothie
40g of butter
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In a bowl, mix the salt, sugar, Cognac, Porto and pepper, then add the goose and duck liver deveined. Blend delicately, then recover with cling-film and let marinade one night.


Form the Foie Gras with a cookie cutter, put it under vacuum, and then cook it in oven at 90°C during 17 minutes.

For the mango ball

Melt the butter, and then add the mango smoothie. Form balls of the size of a yolk of egg and keep it in the cold.

For the presentation

Turn out the Foie Gras and cut the centre to put in the mango ball. Present the Foie gras on a nest of angel-hair vermicelli with Gewurztraminer and accompany with chips of roasted cocoa beans.