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How to choose a Block of Duck Foie Gras for Christmas or a special occasion? Where to find a first-choice product to make the right purchase? How to ensure a selection adapted to your recipes, taking into account the origin, the quality of the raw materials, the duck farming conditions, and the manufacturing method? Follow these 7 recommendations proposed by Édouard Artzner and enjoy the subtle taste of exceptional Foie Gras.

1. Alsace or Southwest: Determine the Origin of the Duck

In order to make the right choice for your duck Foie Gras, you must consider the differences in origin. This will help you find the one that best suits your taste and expectations.

Foie Gras from Alsace

  • Refined culinary identity, enriched by a subtle seasoning of Foie Gras, contributing to the French gastronomic heritage.
  • Fine and melting texture, offering a delicate sensation in the mouth.
  • Secret recipe with 11 spices transmitted within the Édouard Artzner House since 1803.

Foie Gras from the Southwest

  • Minimalist seasoning with salt and pepper that reveals the strong taste of duck liver.
  • Traditional preparation methods developed to highlight the authentic duck flavors.

Selection Advice

  • Block of Alsatian Duck Foie Gras: Perfect if you appreciate a more complex and spicy taste, as well as a melting and refined texture.
  • Block of Duck Foie Gras from the Southwest: Ideal if you are looking for an intense and rustic flavor, with simple seasoning.

🥄 To become knowledgeable on the subject, read our Foie Gras guide.

2. Know the Quality of Raw Materials to Choose Your Block of Duck Foie Gras

No tasty Block of Foie Gras without quality raw materials. This is the basic principle of Maison Édouard Artzner.

Careful Selection of Lobes

  • Double sorting: A first selection is made at the slaughterhouse, followed by a second sorting by our chefs to retain only the best duck Foie Gras.
  • Strict standards: Each Foie Gras meets rigorous criteria to ensure its quality so that it becomes a product of excellence. Each lobe is then deveined before being processed.

Classification of Foie Gras 

Foie Gras is classified into three categories, each with its own characteristics and uses:

  • Extra: This superior quality is reserved for raw and fresh Foie Gras, for refined preparations such as terrines.
  • First choice: Good products, but with differences in weight, color, and consistency compared to extra.
  • All comers: The few visual and texture defects disappear after processing. Recommended for hot recipes or party appetizers.

🥄 All these criteria apply to both goose and duck. Find out what the differences are between Goose and Duck Foie Gras in our article.

3. Check the Breeding Conditions and Respect for the Animal to Guarantee the Quality of the Foie Gras

Quality products, with exceptional textures and tastes, start with good breeding conditions that respect animal welfare. These are the principles that Maison Édouard Artzner guarantees to its customers thanks to the Euro Foie Gras charter implemented on each farm.

  • Selected feed: The ducks receive an appropriate diet in quantity and quality, without GMOs.
  • Access to water: Waterfowl have free access to drinking water.
  • Space: The animals have enough space to move freely.
  • Thermal comfort: Ducks benefit from living conditions protected from heat and cold.

4. Prefer Artisanal Foie Gras to Industrial Production

Foie Gras Block is a processed product. It is a preparation made from an emulsion of Foie Gras and water, seasoned and then molded. Buying an artisanal Block of Foie Gras means treating yourself to the taste of the real thing, while also respecting ethical values, animal welfare, and the transmission of traditions.

Quality CriteriaIndustrial Foie GrasArtisanal Foie Gras
Duck feedIndustrial mash (crushed corn, water, sometimes flour).Whole cooked corn kernels, carefully selected.
Animal wellbeingLess natural and attentive automated feeding.Individual monitoring of ducks for their health and well-being, hand force-feeding.
Product qualityOften standardized texture and flavor.Intense and refined flavor, orange color, impeccable texture.
FabricationIndustrial process, less quality control.Rigorous craftsmanship, careful control at every step.
Environmental impactIntensive breeding, less respectful of the ecosystem.More sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
Transfer of know-howLow appreciation of traditional knowledge.Transmission and preservation of ancestral know-how.

5. Choose the Right Weight for the Occasion and Number of Guests

To ensure the success of your tasting, it is essential to carefully determine the weight of your Block of Duck Foie Gras. The quantity should be adapted to the recipe you have chosen, as well as the number of guests.

  • Foie Gras on toast: Allow around 20 grams per person.
  • Appetizer: Allow 40 to 50 grams per guest.
  • Starter: 60 to 70 grams per person is recommended.
  • As an accompaniment: On fresh pasta, for example, 30 grams per guest is enough.
  • In shavings: On a velouté or in a verrine, allow 15 grams each.
  • Foie Gras for pan-frying: This use is not suitable for a Block of Foie Gras.

🥄 Test the Block of Foie Gras with pieces for even more deliciousness.

6. Select the Appropriate Packaging for Your Use

Unlike fresh or semi-cooked Foie Gras, the Foie Gras Block is cooked at high temperature. Thus sterilized, it is then canned. Choosing your cooked Foie Gras Block carefully allows you to keep it for several years at room temperature. Jar, can, or ingot, each option has its own interest depending on the preparation you plan.

  • For making appetizer toasts, cans or small glass jars are very practical.
  • For slicing, prefer rectangular cans or ingots.
  • For cutting portions, the round can or cylindrical glass jar format offers you a neat presentation.

🥄 Whatever packaging you choose, place the Duck Foie Gras in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours before consuming it. Take it out for preparation 10 minutes before serving.

7. Find the Right Place to Buy Duck Foie Gras

Supermarket, producer shops, online sales? You wonder where to buy quality Foie Gras Blocks. As you have understood, to ensure you delight your guests, it is better to opt for local and artisanal productions. All the pleasure of Foie Gras will be there, which is not guaranteed with the big industrial brands.

Buying Foie Gras online allows you to choose from a wide range of recipes and access high-end brands that meet strict quality criteria. And this even if there is no artisanal shop near you. On the Édouard Artzner website, you will find all the detailed information on the origin and processing of the product. To choose the perfect Foie Gras for Christmas or a special occasion, with complete transparency.

Choosing your Duck Foie Gras Block carefully means opting for excellent taste in every bite. Following these 7 steps recommended by Édouard Artzner is the first step towards a successful tasting. Enjoy your food!