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Le magret de canard fumé prétranché
1 pack of pre-sliced duck breast
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Lomo Ibérique
1 lomo
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200g grated courgette
200g grated carrot
8 radishes
100g Chinese vermicelli
A few cherry tomatoes
150g cottage cheese
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
8 rice cakes
1 pepper
Coriander, mint, spring onion
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For the spring rolls with smoked duck breast

Chop the coriander, mint and spring onionIn a bowl, put the cottage cheese, soy, coriander, mint and spring onion. Season with salt and pepper and mix.


Place each rice cake on the work surface and add 3 slices of smoked duck breast, a small handful of vegetables, vermicelli and a spoonful of sauce.


Close the spring roll.

For the lomo poke bowl

Cut thin slices of lomo.


Prepare your poke bowl: put a portion of rice in the middle of your plate, then add the lomo, the rest of the vegetables and the sauce on the side.