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Tranches de Foie Gras d'Oie 2x40g
Tranches de Foie Gras d'Oie 2x40g

Slices of Goose Foie Gras (2x40g)


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12 months at a temperature of 0°C to + 4°C

Number of parts



2 x 40 grams


goose foie gras, salt, sugar, spices. preservatives : sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite

Nutritional values

Energy 1962 KJ / 476 Kcal, Fat 48g of which saturates 18g, Carbohydrate 2,3g of which sugars 1,6g, Protein 8,3g, Salt 1,4g

A desire for Foie Gras but no guests? No reason to deprive yourself! Edouard Artzner has designed this duo of slices of semi-cooked Foie Gras for you. Fine gourmets will appreciate the delicate and refined taste of the goose. A solitary desire ? discover also our individual slice of goose Foie Gras.

Indulge yourself by tasting the duo of semi-cooked Goose Foie Gras alone or for two. Thanks to its clever format and its long shelf life, you can open only one slice and prolong this moment of greed. Thanks to Edouard Artzner, you can rediscover the pleasure of shared and festive moments in just one bite.

How to serve the semi-cooked Goose Foie Gras in a duo? 

When preparing and serving Foie Gras in a duo, it can be difficult to remove the slices without damaging them. To make this step easier, you can use a simple trick: press lightly on the center of the slice. Indeed, by pressing lightly on the center of the Foie Gras slice, a small depression is created which will allow the slice to come off more easily from its support. 


What are the differences between the Foie Gras from Alsace and the one from the South-West ?

 Concerning the "deveining" phase, the liver is deveined when it is cold, in Alsace. All the veins are removed without exception, which ensures a homogeneous and spotless appearance. On the contrary, in the Southwest, the liver is deveined when it is still warm, only the main vein is removed.

In Alsace, the livers are prepared and seasoned with a mixture of 11 spices, providing a unique flavor. Edouard Artzner's chefs wait 24 hours before cooking so that the spices can penetrate the heart of the Foie Gras. In the South-West, the livers are essentially seasoned with salt and pepper, and impregnated with a strong alcohol such as Cognac or Armagnac.
In terms of cooking, the Foie Gras from Alsace is cooked at low temperature in order to keep a creamy texture. The Foie Gras from the South West is cooked at a higher temperature, which gives it a firmer texture. 


Chef's advice:

You can enjoy this duo of semi-cooked Goose Foie Gras as an appetizer or as a starter. Lightly toasted country bread or a crusty baguette ... a perfect accompaniment to enjoy this Foie Gras. Don't hesitate to add a personal touch: a few berries, apricots or onion confit.


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Slices of Goose Foie Gras (2x40g)
Marlene R.

conforme à mon attente

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Marie-charlotte V.

Très bon foie gras, mais j'ai une préférence pour le canard

Posted on
Jacques G.

tout est dit dans le 2nd commentaire, adieu Artzner

Posted on
Monique S.

T Bien

Posted on
Etienne Z.

je recommande

Posted on
Christiane S.


Posted on
Chantal D.

rien à dire sur la délicatesse du produit fermeture bien herméthique, mais pas très facile à ouvrir.

Posted on
Daniel O.

devant le succès à notre table je referai des commandes, client conquis

Posted on
Anonymous A.

Difficile à extraire de l'emballage

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