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For over 200 years
A gastronomic art dedicated to the satisfaction of the most demanding!

In 1803, Philippe Artzner, pastry chef and caterer, opened a store flanked by a Foie Gras manufacturing facility in Strasbourg. There he developed tasty recipes and became a true creator of gastronomic trends. 

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Recipes and articles

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Bloc foie gras canard
The 7-Step Guide to Choosing Your Block of Duck Foie Gras Without Making a Mistake
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How to Differentiate Between Goose Foie Gras and Duck Foie Gras?
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Foie gras Alsace
Fresh, Semi-Cooked, or Canned: Practical Tips for Everything You Need to Know About Alsace Foie Gras
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Buying Foie Gras Online Without Making a Mistake: All Our Tips
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